Other Services

Forensic Engineering


As one of Adelaide's oldest Consulting Engineers, Herriot Consulting has seen a lot of changes in footing and building construction. This means we are well credentialed to investigate building problems, particularly those predating modern building codes.

Our services include but are not necessarily limited to the following fields:

  • Cracking in houses and unit blocks
  • Advice on underpinning
  • Stormwater management 
  • Wall, floor and roof problems
  • Impact damage
  • Fire damage 

Wastewater Assessments


Our systems are designed to suit our client’s needs whilst complying with Council requirements to produce an efficient yet environmentally thoughtful solution. These designs make considerations for future plans on the site, whilst designing to minimise impact on existing structures and the environment. 

We specialise in designs for both primary (traditional septic tank) treatment and secondary (aerobic tank) treatment which involve the following disposal methods:

  • Gravity fed soakage trenches
  • Pressure dosed soakage trenches 
  • Surface spray irrigation 
  • Advanced Enviro Septic (AES) soakage trenches
  • Pressure dosed irrigation (sub-surface irrigation)

Retaining Wall Design


Herriot Consulting is well versed in retaining wall design, providing professional advice for several of Adelaide's leading retaining wall builders. We pride our self on thoughtful, detailed design which reflects the site conditions, making due allowance for soil type, rock presence, other structures, underground services and future requirements as appropriate.

We specialise in the following wall types:

  •  Steel upright concrete sleeper/ panel 
  • Reinforced concrete block and brick masonry
  • Reinforced concrete 
  • Gabion 
  • Gravity block
  • Moss rock 
  • Anchored walls (tie backs)